Disciplining the Duchess

Disciplining the Duchess - Annabel Joseph
"Over five seasons, Miss Harmony Barrett has managed to repel every gentleman of consequence and engineer a debacle at Almacks so horrifying that her waltzing privileges are revoked. If she's not in the library reading about Mongol hordes, she's embarrassing her family or getting involved in impulsive scrapes.

Enter the Duke of Courtland, a man known for his love of duty and decorum. Through a vexing series of events, he finds himself shackled to Miss Barrett in matrimony.

But all is not lost. The duke harbors a not-so-secret affinity for spanking and discipline and his new wife is ever in need of it. Will the mismatched couple find their way to marital happiness? Or will the duke be forever Disciplining the Duchess?"

My Thoughts:

So this was a fun read and my first "real" BDSM read. I admit I was a bit annoyed with Harmony (aka Chaos) a good portion of the book. She had lived a very sheltered/carefree life up until she met Court, and was very timid and unsure most of the book. She didn't know what men and women do in the marriage bed, which was realistic for the time period this book was set in, but also meant that she had a lot to learn throughout the book; not just sexually, but also how to behave and carry herself as a Duchess.

In contrast, Court had lived a very disciplined and controlled life. They're both flawed but grow and learn from each other throughout the book. I liked that a whole lot. I also liked Harmony's bookish side, her interest in history and her philosophical side. I liked her whole "I wonder..." train of thoughts:
“I wonder, Miss Barrett, if you will not end up being the story of my life.”

This book is not for everyone though, because as I mentioned above it has BDSM elements: spanking, power-play, role-playing, punishment. If you don't mind those kinks in your book reading then I recommend it.

Thank you to UniquelyMoi *Dhestiny* BlithelyBookish for making me aware of this book!