Turn Up the Heat: Love Won't WaitBeach House BeginningsStrong Enough to Love

Turn Up the Heat - Victoria Dahl, Lori Foster, Christie Ridgway First of all here are my thoughts on each story:

Love Won't Wait by Lori Foster:
"Brendan "Brick" Carlisle is used to women falling at his feet, so shy waitress Merrily Loveland is a breath of fresh air—and an irresistible challenge. But before he can make his move, Merrily comes to him with an offer he can't refuse. If only their "no-strings" pact didn't leave him wanting so much more…. "

This story had Lori Foster's usual sensual quality, but here I also thought it was a sweet little story, ideally told in novella form. At first I actually didn't like Brick, but when he realized how deeply he'd fallen for Merrily I warmed up to him. I definitely recommend this story to Lori Foster fans!

Beach House Beginnings by Christie Ridgway:
"She might have avoided Crescent Cove, California, for years, but no-nonsense Meg Alexander is confident she can handle a brief trip home. What she doesn't count on is the spark of desire she feels for Caleb McCall. Can a weekend in paradise convince her to give love a second chance?"

I enjoyed this one but had mixed feelings about some things. Certain aspects of the story I felt was a bit...unrealistic. Years ago Meg lost the love of her life in an accident, and she's never really gotten over it. This story is about how she and his brother, Caleb, fall in love. That was one thing I just didn't like so much. It was a sweet story though, with a deep sadness throughout, and I liked both Meg and Caleb as characters.

Strong Enough to Love by Victoria Dahl
"Photographer Eve Hill had always told herself that sexy Brian Stewart was off-limits. But now he's back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Eve can't resist their long-denied attraction. When the reality turns out to be hotter than the fantasy, Eve might end up getting more than she bargained for…"

I loved the maturity of this story. Eve is 36 years old which I thought was refreshing to read in a romance story. I also really liked that they were both flawed people who had met at the wrong time. I don't want to spoil too much of this story, but let's just say that it was a really good story, and to me, the best one in the anthology!

All in all, a solid anthology. What I like about novellas and short stories is that you're able to get a little romance story into your day. I read one story a day from this anthology, in between work, and I really liked that. It needs to be added that the Lori Foster story is the only new story in this, as the two others are reprints.

I received an ARC through netgalley from Harlequin HQN, in exchange for an honest review.